“Tell me an interesting fact about yourself” has to be the worst sentence that can escape someone’s mouth. I don’t know why, but I dread being asked that question and every time I hear it, I get into a debate in my head over what defines ‘interesting’.

Anyway, I thought it was only fair to introduce myself. So here’s a few things you should know about me – you can be the judge of whether they’re interesting or not!

#1 – I’m Amy. I’m twenty-five, live in Nottingham with my boyfriend and work as an Assistant Marketing Manager for a beauty retailer (the biggest perk being the staff discount on beauty products!)

#2- I love France and all things french (especially red wine and cheese, obviously) I studied French at Uni and lived in the South of France for a bit – I’d love to grow old in the Côte d’Azur.

#3- My favourite artist has to be Bonobo – I’ve seen him live six times! But the best ever gig I’ve been to was David Bowie (my dad took me when I was 14, nice work Dad)

#4- I pretty much live in all black. I don’t mean to, but it just goes with everything?!

#5-  I love make-up and beauty products and own far too many lipsticks, but at the same time I never seem to have enough?

#6- I really want a Cockapoo puppy – they’re just so fluffy.

#7- I’m fully obsessed with Zara – pretty much 90% of my wardrobe is from there with a little bit of Asos thrown in – I also love & Other Stories and Oliver Bonas and would give them all of my money if I could afford to

#8- I love writing. I want to practice it and get better, so that’s why I’ve started this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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