Soundtrack to my life #1

I’ve always thought that music can say more about a person than they can say about themselves. It’s always been my favourite question to ask someone when I first meet them, as it gives you such an insight into who they are as a person. But it’s always the most impossible question to answer.

Now just to get one thing out the way, I can’t actually play any musical instruments – I’d love to be one of those people who can play Jazz piano from memory – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be musical. After all, you don’t have to be a musician to be in love with music.

I love how music is a mood lifter. It can get me through a slow day at work, it can get me through a hellish HIIT workout, but most of all it makes me want to flail my arms about and MOVE.
I love finding out what other people like listening to and discovering new music, so, I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to write a list of the songs I  can’t stop listening to, as a sort of soundtrack to my life. I’d like to see how it changes over the year – it’ll be a bit of a time capsule which can take me back to how I felt in that moment. Here’s the soundtrack of my life right now:

Bonobo – Kerala

Tom Misch & Lianne La Havas – What you won’t do

Crazy P – Heartbreaker

The XX – Lips

Session Victim – Cow Palace

Crazy P – Like a Fool

Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel

Bonobo – Bambro Koyo Ganda

6th Borough Project – If the feeling’s right?

Cost of love – Kartell

St Germain – Sure Thing

Bonobo – Recurring

The XX – Brave For You

If you want to you can listen to my soundtrack on Spotify here – I’d love to know what songs you can’t keep playing over and over again – comment below and let me know!

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