10 things I’ve learned in my 20s

You are enough. You’re smart enough, funny enough and pretty enough – stop comparing yourself to others and give yourself some credit! It’s important to start believing in yourself and have confidence in your own ability. Remind yourself that you’re you – and that’s pretty bloody amazing.

Work is a bottomless pit that ultimately pays the bills. This may sound dramatic, but it’s far too easy to give your whole heart and soul to a job and end up burned out and fed up. It’s important to remind yourself  that work is a continuous cycle so don’t forget to make time for your life outside of work – it’ll all still be there in the morning!

If you want something, you’ve got to go out and get it. Some people seem to have luck on their side don’t they? Whatever it is that you envy about someone else’s life – their toned body, amazing job – well guess what? Chances are they worked for them! Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you but go out there and grab them with both hands.

Learn to make time for people. Relationships and friendships take nurturing and you can’t expect everything to stay ‘in bloom’ if you don’t pay them a little attention. Plan girly weekend trips, make the time to give your family a phone call and catch up, and take the time to show your partner how much you love them. Life can get in the way sometimes, but it’s important every now and again to get a bit of perspective and show the people around you how much you love them.

Save money –even if you’re only saving a little bit each month – you never know when you might need it. Let’s face it, we’ll probably be working til we’re 99, so at least you’ll have the odd bit of cash to treat yo’self when you’re collecting your state pension.

Be happy in your own skin. The sad fact is we’ll never look as good as we do now. So rather than wasting our twenties feeling hung up on how we look and scrutinising ourselves, comparing our bodies to fitness models on Instagram, we should appreciate what we do have and make the most of how we look now!

Live in the moment. Time passes by even quicker the older you get, doesn’t it? Remember being 9 (and a half) and waiting for what seemed like forever to finally be 10 (double figures wooohooo!) whereas now the years pass by before you even know where you are. I mean, we’re three years away from it being 2020…WHAT. THE. HELL.

That’s why it’s so important to live in the moment and be fully present in whatever you’re doing. When you’re hanging out with someone, don’t be more interested in your phone. When someone’s talking, instead of thinking what you’re going to say next, fully listen to them. We’re all guilty of it now and again, but if we stop to appreciate the moment we’ll enjoy it even more.

Collect memories, not things. Do more of what you love and make no excuses. Go and travel. See places you’ve always wanted to and go to counties you’ve never been to before. Go to gigs on week nights and book random weekends away. DO whatever it is that makes you happy. After all when you’re 80, you want to have all the memories to tell, not things to show.

Life has bumpy roads, the trick is to wear big boots. I love this quote and it’s one my Dad always says to me when things get a little tricky. Whenever life gets a little tough, I think of this quote and remind myself that I’m strong enough to handle it. If we didn’t have the lows, we wouldn’t appreciate the highs and you’ve got to toughen up to it as any difficulty you face in life will only make you stronger. It doesn’t matter if you fall, it’s how you pick yourself up that counts!

Don’t worry what other people think. The older I get, the less I worry what other people think of me. Obviously you don’t want people to think badly of you, but I don’t let other people’s opinions stop me from doing things, trying things or being truly myself. There was a time when I didn’t want to write because I didn’t want others to read it and judge me. I didn’t want to wear certain things in case others thought something that I wouldn’t have liked etc. But now I really am starting to care less – and to be honest I’m starting to realise that people don’t care half as much as you think they do!

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